New School Year Opens for EDCOE’s Charter College and Career Prep

Dina Gentry

(PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA) Sept 20, 2022 — A passionate heart, drive in the core, and empathy in the soul are all essential for education. El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Charter College and Career Prep (CCP) is acutely aware of the importance of each trait in creating community. The new school year recently began for CCP under the leadership of Maria Osborne, Principal; Kimberly Doyle, Assistant Principal; and Michael Gillespie, Executive Director of Charter Alternative Programs.

Principal Osbourne shared her hopes for the coming school year. “My hope is that as we expand resources and services to all students in El Dorado County, we continue to capitalize on educational innovations and improvements for our students and communities so that unmet needs may be impacted.”

CCP is a public charter school on the EDCOE campus, located at 6767 Green Valley Road in Placerville, focused on ensuring all students succeed to their full potential and achieve this through delivery of varied classes for completion of high school graduation, acceleration of school units, and credit recovery of school units. All students should have the opportunity to have a bright future, and CCP aims to do this through strong academics, mental health services, wellness and resource programs, and more. Utilizing these programs and services, CCP works to create a well-rounded community school in El Dorado County. CCP is excited for another school year and hopes to continue to create partnerships to make the difference for youth in El Dorado County. “The staff at College and Career Prep is a group of caring and dedicated professionals who do whatever it takes to help students and families,” says Gillespie.

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