Firewood Banks in El Dorado County

USDA Forest Service

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is awarding Alliance for Green Heat with funding to expand firewood banks. Firewood banks, like food banks, provide a local, renewable, and cost-effective heating source for people in need. There are hundreds of firewood banks across the United States that distribute firewood to needy families.

“For many tribal and rural communities across the country, firewood is the primary source of heat. The Alliance for Green Heat and the firewood banks they serve will improve access to renewable wood energy, helping those without access to this life saving resource when they need it the most.” – Randy Moore (U.S. Forest Service Chief)

In El Dorado County, firewood banks are commonly run by churches and referred to as “Firewood Ministry” or “Wood Ministry”. Pioneer Bible ChurchCamino SDA Church and Mother Lode Church run local firewood banks that help residents who use firewood to keep warm. For families in need, the availability of firewood can make a difference during the holidays.

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