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South Lake Tahoe Voters Approve Measure G To Streamline Cannabis Business Fee Collection

Media Release, City of South Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California (InEDC) Nov 20, 2022 — South Lake Tahoe voters overwhelmingly approved Measure G in the November 8 election.

Measure G – the City of South Lake Tahoe Cannabis Funding/Taxation Measure – was placed on the ballot for local voter consideration, following an audit of government processes that identified the annual cannabis business fee collection process as one which could be streamlined.

“We appreciate and thank all of the residents who participated in the General Municipal Election,” said City Manager Joe Irvin. “The enactment of Measure G allows the City to continue collecting a comparable tax to the existing cannabis fee, without increasing the amount cannabis businesses currently pay.”

As part of the City’s strategic planning, South Lake Tahoe residents were surveyed on their service and budget priorities. The City undertook subsequent outreach to the local resident and business communities. The feedback was used to craft Measure G.

“Measure G’s enactment shows that our residents understand that government streamlining is sometimes necessary,” continued Irvin. “Measure G will allow the City and cannabis businesses to continue the fee collection process in a streamlined way.”

Measure G was the only City measure on the ballot. For more information, visit cityofslt.us