Incumbent Dennis Thomas Unseated from Placerville City Council

Cris Alarcon,

PLACERVILLE, California (InEDC) Nov 17, 2022 — Placerville Newswire Calls Placerville City Council Race for NICOLE GOTBERG, JOHN L CLERICI, and DAVID YARBROUGH leaving Incumbent DENNIS THOMAS in 4th place, and without a seat on the Council.

Gotberg is a geologist, Clerici is a former City Council member, Yarbrough is a real estate agent, and Thomas is a current City Council owner of Robinsons Pharmacy according to the Mountain Democrat

Thomson has been embroiled in a number of controversial issue that may have cost him voter support and was the subject with other Council members of a Recall effort in 2021. Thomson was Mayor during much of the struggle of some to retain the Logo as it has been for many years or to update the Logo. It was a divisive battle.

When it comes to these names and as they are represented throughout our community that we’re not going to go out and start telling businesses that they can’t have that name on here,” Thomas said. “That we’re going to take it off all the signs, that we’re going to whitewash our town of all things.ABC

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Election Statistical Analysis for Non-Statisticians.

In order to come back to third place Thomas would need —

1) 100% of remaining ballots are valid;
2) Win 100% of remaining race votes;
3) Almost 100% more of remaining ballots are City of Placerville ballots then statistically projected.
4) Almost no votes for David Yarbrough.

1% [.947%] of votes remain to be counted [850 of 88,844 @ 89,694 total possible votes in this election assuming every tentative vote counts]
1% of City of Placerville votes is 41 of the remaining ballots [1% of 4,074 = 41]
Thomas is 69 votes behind qualifying candidate.


100 Percent of Countywide votes: 88,844
Total county voters: 138,537
– Voted this election: 88,844 / 64.13%

100 Percent of City votes: 4,074
City Of Placerville City Council Member (Vote for 3)
Total city voters: 6,671
– Voted this election: 4,074 / 61.07%

Total pool: 88,844 (100%)
Placerville: 4,074 (4.6%)

Outstanding: 850
Projected for Placerville: 39 [4.6% of 850 = 39]

— Notes —

5th – 16,000 TBD
15th – 850 TBD

11/9/2022 12:02:23 AM
59,166 / 138,537 (42.71%)
DENNIS THOMAS 854 14.66%

11/10/2022 4:47:23
Voters Cast: 71,931 of 138,537 (51.92%)
DENNIS THOMAS 1,055 14.76%
DAVID YARBROUGH 1,046 14.64%

11/15/2022 4:44
Voters Cast: 88,844 of 138,537 (64.13%)
DAVID YARBROUGH 1,282 15.01%
DENNIS THOMAS 1,213 14.20%



— Total Ballots still to be processed @ 850 (CVR, UOCAVA, Provisional, Confidential, No Sig/Sig No Match)
— Next Results Release will be 11/18 @5pm.