Moonrakers in Cameron Park

Moonraker Brewing Co. Eyes 2023 Opening of Restaurant in Cameron Park

By Jake Abbott – Staff Writer, Sacramento Business Journal

(PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA) Nov 4, 2022 — Moonraker Brewing Co. embarked on an ambitious brewery, taproom and restaurant project just before Covid-19 hit, and while delays have held the project up, operators say they are inching closer to the finish line.

Auburn-based Moonraker Brewing Co. announced plans in 2020 for a project called Moonraker Millhouse on a 17-acre property in Cameron Park. The project is currently under construction and will include an approximately 20,000-square-foot building that houses a brewery, taproom and farm-to-fork restaurant, as well as a 9,000-square-foot outdoor beer garden and a private event space with its own private outdoor patio.

“The site met and exceeded our expectations. We wanted to feel like we were […]

Powell said the main delays have largely been due to Covid and permitting holdups, in addition to more than two months of start delays involving the facility’s steel structure being erected.

Construction of the outer structure is well underway. Powell said drywall is planned to go up next week, pending electrical inspections. Once that’s completed, all that would be left includes […]

“Our projected grand opening will be early 2023,” Powell said in an email.

The business has already started the hiring process and posted a job listing in mid-September for a head chef. The post stated that additional openings would follow in the near future. Powell said they expect to employ upward of 50 people for both its taproom and kitchen.

Moonraker Brewing’s Auburn location on Earhart Avenue will remain as […]

Moonraker Brewing is partnering with Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) to install 12 electric vehicle chargers at the Cameron Park location, and plans to install a carbon dioxide recapture system that they hope will help them recapture up to 80% of the carbon dioxide the facility produces. They also plan to install solar panels at some point, Powell said.

Since it was founded in 2016, Moonraker Brewing has grown to be one of the area’s largest breweries. […]