Tribal Fire Engine

Tribal Fire and County Fire Enter into MOU for Seamless Responses

Cris Alarcon,

(PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA) July 29, 2022 — The Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Tribal Fire has established a Type 2 initial attack (IA) hand crew over the past several years. The crew has experienced challenges in being dispatched, initial attack, to fires within the County. This has been primarily due to the crew operating on the “federal” side of dispatch.

County Fire met with Tribal Fire leadership recently to identify ways to include this resource, automatically, when fires and other calls occur that would benefit from their response.

The discussions have resulted in an MOU between Tribal Fire and County Fire, which allows for County Fire to include Tribal Fire on our run cards at dispatch. This agreement will provide a seamless response by Tribal Fire to fires within County Fire’s jurisdiction.

Ultimately, Tribal Fire’s crew is well- trained, prepared, and willing to further support their local fire partners and the citizens of El Dorado County.


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