ICYMI – I was “Reactionary” about the death of “Little Roman” Lopez

Cris Alarcon, - Image: Roman Lopez, Cris Price, Elizabeth Smart

(PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA) June 22, 2022 — Cris Alarcon [Written 2-8-21, soon after the death of Roman Lopez]

I am reactionary on the death of “Little Roman” Lopez.

My personal friends know that I was entered into school under an assumed name.  I remember that I got to choose my own middle name to go with my “new” name. It was over a decade for me to understand this ‘pick your own name” was unusual. But at 5-years-old, “Robin” was a great name to go with “Cristofer” so I picked “Robin” as my new middle name becoming ‘Cristofer Robin’ Price.

My older half-brothers could be described as “Thugs” even as children!

Many times I was left in the bathroom with my brothers to decide who was going to “Admit” that they had done some wrong-doing that deserved “the belt.”

Being “LITTLE Cris” it did not take many fist blows from my older brothers for me to decide I would take the RAP as “You are the smallest and you will get the least whippings” as they told me.

So I took the belt for others often because it was less then what my brothers would do….

I survived a a rough childhood like most, not all. Little Roman Lopez did not.

When I was very young I saw a bunch of cops show up when my oldest brother was still on the phone making an Obscene Phone Call to the… the SLT Chief of Police’s daughter! Ergo the fast and robust police force response.

After my oldest brother’s move to the “Boys Republic” CYA [Cal. Youth Authority] near Sacramento I did visit him with my mom a few times, until he was transferred to the CYA San Bernardino CYA facility. I lost touch with that brother for the next five years. After that he told me that the [CYA kids] were allowed OUT in the facility in San Bernardino as the area was so dangerous they all came back soon. He also told me that the sound of a dropped watermelon is the same sound as a human head makes when hit right by a swinging chain!

I was never told of all his childhood crimes and I still don’t know – but I do know of some crimes he did in adulthood including storing pornagraphy on the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory U.S. government research facility’s computer network — for faster worldwide distribution!

My other brother in prison for the rest of his natural life without any possibility of parole for unforgivable crimes against children…

I have become reactive…

For most of my adult life I always look directly at children of the age I was growing up in South Lake Tahoe.

I look for that haunted look First, then other signs like the smell of urine, dirty clothes, bruises, poor nutrition, etc.

But always first, that look of a haunted soul.

That is about all a little child can give us to signal they are in mortal fear and critical distress.

I cannot help myself from this kind of immediate assessment I make on every pre-pubescents child I see. This is not something I decide to do, it happens without thought or intent. If I see something alarming – I am reactive.

Long ago I decided I could never be a cop. If I was driving a child molester to the Station, I doubt I could make it all the way there before someone “tripped on a curb” and got a broken nose…. Two wrongs do not make a right. I don’t trust myself to be that person as I would want to release my own rage on that person – that fully deserves it, but it is not my place to mete it out. So I leave that job to those that can be trusted to hold their temper and do the lawful thing.

My reaction to well-founded accusations of this type? Reactionary, Hostile, and Aggressive. Like a dog backed into a corner. That is a response I learned in my “First Five” years, to survive. 50 years later it is still my initial and immediate reaction… I AM reactionary over this subject matter.

Because of this I do sometimes need to ask for forgiveness for being forward, and sometimes outright rude. But I do not intend to change, even if I could.

This may be why, when I was that age with that look – anyone, even strangers that cared enough to notice me and my well-being, made all the difference in the world to me!

At the VERY LEAST I can notice them and show I care with a smile, a kind word, or even an open hand of assistance. That is almost no effort on my part, but that alone can mean everything to a child in crisis in an unsafe family environment.

Let this also be Fair Warning to “Guardians” that others are watching, and noticing.

“Little Crissy”
AKA Cristofer Robin Price
AKA Cristofer Alfonso Alarcon

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