Wagon Traine 2023 Team

“Wagon Train 2023” Plans 74th Wagon Train

PLACERVILLE, Cal. (Fran DuChamp) — Its time to starting a New Year and need to start planning for the 74th Wagon Train event on June 9th 2023 !!!

Our first meeting will be TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th at 1:00pm at the Community Center.

This will be a general information meeting to discuss how to improve the problems we encountered last year with the parking, the location positioning and lack of Wifi/Internet access of the Vendors, the outside food service for Hamburgers, HotDogs, etc.

Kayla Ekelund
Kayla Ekelund

This is a huge event and it will take time and attention to even the smallest detail to keep things moving smoothly and make this another great Community Event. It takes a village and a TEAM LIKE OURS, to Get-Er-Done!!

If you have friends or neighbors that would like to attend the meeting and possibly volunteer, please invite them to come to learn what we do and what we need to do over the next few months!!

We need LOTS of volunteers to rotate duties and positions during the day and accomplish the many tasks we need to do!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting….

Stay warm and dry…..

Joyce & Steve

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