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Joseph Hoffman

Attorney at law, judge pro tem

  • Biographical Information
    Age: 43
    Residence (city): El Dorado Hills
    Campaign email:
    Education: Law degree, Golden Gate University School of Law, 1994,graduated Dean’s List; bachelor's degree, political science, UC Davis, 1991.
    Experience: Attorney; judge pro tem for El Dorado Superior Court; private judge. Co-founded law firm now seven members strong. Seventeen-year practice includes family law, business litigation, business formation and succession, and real estate litigation.
  • Why are you running for this office?
    Joseph Hoffman: Judges, local deputies and legal professionals endorsing me know that I will be fair, respect citizens’ constitutional rights, and interpret existing laws rather than legislate from the bench. They also recognize my genuine commitment to protecting victims’ rights, imposing strict consequences on those convicted of criminal acts, and making prompt decisions to help ease our backlogged judicial system. No other candidate matches my range of local experience. As an attorney for 18 years and an El Dorado Superior Court judge pro tem since 2001, I have worked diligently to provide equitable and timely outcomes to hundreds of individuals, families and small-business owners. As a small-business owner myself, and as a taxpayer, I value an efficient judicial process that respects people's time and finances, and your tax dollars. I would be honored to earn your vote on June 5.
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