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John R. Knight

El Dorado County Supervisor

Biographical Information
Age: 64
Birthplace (city): Pasadena, California
Residence (city): El Dorado Hills, California
Campaign telephone: (916) 599-1410
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Education: Bachelor's degree, finance and economics, CSU Long Beach, 1971; continuing education, CSU Los Angeles.
Experience: Banking and commercial real estate with major commercial banks, 20 years; El Dorado County supervisor, 2009-12; elected board member El Dorado Hills Fire Dept., 2006; El Dorado County Planning Commission, Rotary, Chamber, Red Cross.

Why are you running for this office?
John R. Knight: I wish to continue as District 1 Supervisor. I care about El Dorado County and its residents. I have balanced the budget for the past three years with no new taxes or fees nor cut any vital services within the county. Through my efforts, and others', the county continues to receive major grant funding for some of its transportation which helps reduce traffic congestion. I will continue to balance the budget with NO new taxes and NO new fees; bring new jobs to El Dorado County and expand the business park; have policies that ensure uncongested roads and give traffic relief; ensure growth is restrained, managed and environmentally responsible; enhance sheriff services and protect our neighborhoods and businesses; and support streamlined and efficient use of county resources. I remain committed and focused on critical issues that will keep El Dorado County a wonderful place to live and work. I will continue to fight for our families, taxpayers, and our way of life.


John Knight does not respect the citizens of this county and refuses to meet and discuss county business with them. I contacted his office a several occasions asking to meet with John -- he refused. I met with all county supervisors EXCEPT John who repeatedly refused to discuss county issues. I guess if you haven't paid your required contribution to his campaign you don't get through the door.

I've known Mr. Knight now for over 2 years and frankly, I didn't vote for him as I was not familiar with him or his politics in the past. After observing John and seeing him for what he truly is, a giving human being, I've placed my support behind him. I've seen John give to this community in ways that most people don't get the opportunity to. As a community volunteer, I have stood next to him emptying trash cans, setting up and tearing down at events, and giving his all to under privileged when asked. His untiring devotion to this community and volunteerism in all aspects of this community is what makes a good county supervisor. Prior to running for office, he held positions of public trust that can't be ignored. I know the time these activities take and for John, it's been some ride. I'm proud to have the privilege of meeting men like John and feel very confident in supporting him for this extremely important position. So I'll be voting for him because I know he thinks things out which is a good quality in people and the decisions that arrive out of that are as honest as you can get, whether you agree with them or not. As a citizen of El Dorado Hills for over 9 years now and a veteran, I find Mr. Knight a friend of the community and of veterans of this county. I have met both candidates and I'm standing behind the most qualified man who has already served on numerous boards and commissions proving he has a real stake in this community.. Semper Fi.. Robert Leon, El Dorado Hills


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