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Ray Nutting

Rancher, County Supervisor

  1. Biographical Information
    Age: 52
    Birthplace (city): Burlingame
    Residence (city): Somerset
    Campaign telephone: (530) 644-1728
    Campaign email: raynutting@hughes.net
    Education: A.A., administration of justice; B.A., history/criminal justice; California teaching credential, 1989.
    Experience: Thousands of hours working county issues and hundreds of assignments working on many issues; 11 years service, El Dorado County Board of Supervisors; 35 years experience managing family ranch and timber business; 5 years experience teacher.
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  2. Why are you running for this office?
    Ray Nutting: I promised to streamline and modernize our county’s operations, solve our fiscal problems, stop tax increases, lower fees, and shrink Government. I’m proud to have kept those promises, saving taxpayers millions of dollars and making bureaucrats live within our means. I led local efforts to stop the fire SRA Fees, take the politics out of CCW licensing, stop frivolous lawsuit abuse, and bring thousands of gold seeking tourists to our county. Endorsements: National Tax Limitation Committee; California Taxpayer Protection Committee; People’s Advocate; Region Builders; Gun Owners of California. Crisis tested: Led our county back from an $8 million deficit to a $21 million surplus during the 1990s recession. Proven fiscal conservative: Balanced each annual budget, reduced county spending, eliminated 300 full time positions. Improving Our Quality Of Life: Leading efforts to attract new employers, encourage local families to start businesses by reducing fees and regulations.


Ray has earned the right to be reelected by fairly and faithfully representing all citizens of this county. Ray understands that while he is elected from his district his vote affects all citizens. As a proven representative of the people maybe it's time Ray ran for higher office.

I have a couple of question as to the circustances of the fire caused by Mr. Nutting. One, was it a burn day? Two, what will his punishment be for this fire escaping onto the property of another?? Americanaboveall

I have no knowledge of Mr. Nutting's background. I did vote in all elections. The question is, the burn message that ALL of us are supposed to call before burning states clearly that if you burn project gets out of hand and burns onto the property of another, YOU will be held liable. I have heard rumors that this is the case with Mr. Nutting's fire. If so, then, what will be his punishment for this event??? Americanaboveall.


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